Thank you for your interest in WaveTechnologies. Please utilize this Frequently Asked Questions section to learn more about or products. If you have any questions that are not answered here, please use the form at the bottom of this page for inquiries.

Q: How much protection will the Shield give me?

A: Our lab tests have shown the radiated field strength is blocked by about 95% when measured with and without the shield present during internet communication processes. Your peak times of vulnerability are when you transmit data up onto the world wide web, during which time you can be subject to up to EIGHT TIMES the medically acceptable radiation levels, without the shield. When using the shield, your vulnerability is reduced to less than a quarter of medically acceptable levels.

Q: How long will the protection last? Does it diminish with time, or will it last as long as my laptop?

A: With a little care, your LaptopShield should last you a lifetime! It will outlast all your laptops, and has no components that fail or degenerate over time. As and when you buy a new laptop, or upgrade, just carry on using your LaptopShield with your new machine to continue receiving EMF protection.

Q: I use a PC that is not laptop. Would I still benefit from using a laptop shield?

A: No. The PC hardware is generally too far away from your body to give any radiation concerns.

Q: What distinguishes your product over anything else I can find on the market?

A: WaveTechnologies LaptopShield™ is unique in using a multi-layered metal sandwich concept. The outer alloy sheath offers itself as an effective ‘heat sink’ to the underside of your Laptop, and assist to dissipate the emanated thermal emissions; whereas, cloth style shield material, or plastic materials will effectively INSULATE the laptop underside, thereby promoting OVERHEATING the components within your Laptop and leading it towards an earlier or premature failure. Inappropriate materials may inadvertently lead to a host of other costly issues.

Q: When would I most need to use the Shield please?

A: You will benefit greatly ANY time you use your LaptopShield™ on your lap, or a low table or rest, where your legs and lower body is in close proximity to your Laptop.

Q: The graphic symbol on the laptop shield looks like the flower of life. Is there any correlation?

A: Actually, Yes! The graphic is created around the six pointed crystal that is created from the freezing of water when exposed to the ‘Sound of the Sun’ (see information page). The flower of life is drawn from a symmetrical six pointed star, or the insertion of a hexagram inside a circle. These are almost the same, except that the frozen crystal is a manifestation of David Sereda’s Differentials research, and demonstrates one of the geometrical non-symetries found in the natural world; In this case derived from the Sun’s energy emissions.

Q: Your shield pricing seems higher than others I have found available. Why?

A: At Wave technologies, we have not cut corners, or used lesser materials to achieve the desired results. The Shield alloy developed is of military specifications and provides you with the best available EMF blocking capacity available today. The addition of the graphic, and the use of metal alloys for the outer casing assure you of the ultimate in protection for the given parameters. We ‘could’ have made it more expensive by using even thicker shield materials, but this would have compromised the weight, and made the Shield less desirable to carry around with your laptop. The existing construction is the balance between weight and cost, that provides shielding result within the medically acceptable limits.

Q: Do you have any more colors available?

A: We have chosen the colors to best match and complement the most popular range of laptop cases and protective covers on the market. The colors also provide an attractive contrast to bring about the best visual contrast for the graphic. We may have White and also Purple/Violet, available is there is popular demand for them. Please send in your suggestions and comments on the ‘Contact’ page.

Q: Is there anything I need to know in order to best care for my laptop shield?

A: The Shield is coated to minimize dirt and fingerprint residue. It may be wiped over with a warm cloth and soapy water, or cleaner wipes, or general home furniture polish. Try not to expose to petroleum based products where possible. The colored Shields are color anodized, and like all such materials may be subject to ‘nicks’ or scratches where care is not taken. Any surface damage will NOT however affect the EMF blocking performance.

Q: Do you have any solutions for my iphone?

A: We have received many requests for a product to protect you from phone EMFs. In reality, a phone would no longer work if you blocked the RF of course! However, we are currently testing a PhoneShield that we have designed to reduce the radiation emitted into your hand while using the phone. We have not found any medical of statistical substantiation that demonstrates beneficial effects from RF ‘modifiers’ that reportedly transmute the radio waves to become less harmful to biological systems – specifically your ear and brain in proximity to a transmitting phone.