Lead Laptop Shield

Lead Laptop Shield
lead laptop shield An EM field strength of 2 Milliguass or higher is a health risk from cell phones or your laptop devices.

Scientific Tests Show:
1. Laptops can radiate over 15 milliguass or 7 times over the safety limit. Our SHIELD knocks it down to 1 milliguass or less.

2. Cell phones can radiate up to 7 milliguass. Our SHIELD blocks over 90% of this! Use cell phones in speaker mode placed on the SHIELD.

3. Ipads, Tablet PCs and similar devices can radiate over 15 milliguass especially in 4-G networks! Our research demonstrates EMF Radiation without Laptop-Shield© 9-15 mG, With Laptop-Shield© EMF is 0.2 mG.

Lead Laptop Shields

In addition: “holding a cell phone to your ear on most calls ‘warms’ or heats up that area of you head; the radiation your receive is found to be around 3 or more times higher than medically acceptable levels. A Laptop on your lap for a number of HOURS is also ‘warm-hot’. This has been found to radiate up to EIGHT times the medically acceptable level! And your vulnerability to this harmful EMF radiation is HOURS, not MINUTES! The warmth you feel in your legs (affecting the lymph nodes) is not simply components heating up, but also – and most importantly – rediative heating effects from the electro-magnetic radiation. For example, your upper leg lymph nodes in your pelvic cavity (the superficial inguinal lymph nodes laying in your Camper’s fascia) are subject to disturbance to the white blood cells affecting your auto-immune system. Anyone conscious of their health needs to consider their operational usage of hi-tech wireless devices, and take precautions to protect themselves.